Self Service Coffee Shop

Exclusively for Organic Friendly Airports

This video will be running on the monitor of each Self Service Coffee shop


KauéOrganic®specialist in the production and commercialization of organic coffee, special coffee and special organic coffee, together with Exactta Group, multinational with more than 30 years of experience in selling products through the vending machine modality that has operated in more than 50 airports around the world, presents a new business model for Organic Coffee Self Service Cafeteria with the main idea of satisfying this indescribable experience of tasting the best Organic Coffee of Brazil at airports, making the tedious wait in the boarding area more friendly.

Mission & Vision

KauéOrganic® is a company that specializes in the production and marketing of organic coffee. We work with local producers, providing economic incentives for small and medium producers, who also value rural workers in Brazil.




Since organic products are gaining more interest among consumers, especially in the young and contemporary adults population, due to the concern that the carcinogenic effect of agrotoxics represents for them, KauéOrganic® produces the best Special and Organic Coffee in Brazil without “help” of chemical substances of any nature (without additives, pesticides, herbicides, etc Its planting is carried out in the shade of other trees that provide more moisture and allows it to conserve nutrient cycles thus contributing to the improvement of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil This process is done through the fixation of atmospheric carbon, production of oxygen and organic matter, maintaining an ecological system conducive to the control of pests and the healthy development of the plants It benefits its quality, flavor and aroma, thanks to the fact that it has been designed from its plantations in the tropical lands south of Minas de Gerais, which maintain the ideal conditions of temperature, altitude, soils and a diversity of microclimates that allow the production of the best varieties of Arabica coffee.

At last, quality, organic coffee arrives at the airport public in Grab Go format Our coffee does not compete with the conventional coffee sold
at the airport for two reasons

  • Consumers of organic products do not consume conventional products produced with the use of agrochemicals They are, therefore, a segmented public that is growing, as are, for example, vegetarians and vegans.
  • The second reason is the association with quality Our coffees are of a high standard, scoring above 80 according to the SCA (Special Coffee Association) evaluation protocol.
    There is an already significant organic and specialty coffee consumption market that is not served by those offered at airports.

Social Commitment

The direct sales from the producer to the consumer will entail an additional margin that KauéOrganic®, will reward the rural producer who demonstrates not only to maintain the quality
standards desired by the company but also those who will use these additional awards to improve the living conditions of the rural worker.

Today, the rural worker, who sacrifices his life in the production of quality coffees, works under truly deplorable conditions, with salaries bordering the poverty line and with excessive daily physical effort, largely due to the fact that conventional coffee prices are in the lower historical limits, which prevent the rural producer from improving theirs working conditions

With this in mind, KauéOrganic ® started this direct sales process, with the conviction that by dignifying the rural worker, we would not only improve their economic conditions, but also improve their relationship within society and thus avoid migration that today happens from the countryside to the big cities and worse still to countries abroad, producing those migratory blows with disastrous consequences for the immigrant as for the receiving countries.


The Cafeteria Self Service Organic Coffee project will operate an innovative and modern stands and with a professional coffee machine that brings in itself all the experience, knowledge and technology of the world leader in coffee makers, to ensure that each step of Coffee preparation is carefully executed, offering a world of infinite possibilities to rediscover coffee and be surprised every time In addition, it is designed to respond instantly to the situations of greatest demand, working very quickly and with the best quality Our coffee machine invites consumers to prepare their favorite beverage in the simplest way never the images of the drinks have been presented in such an attractive way and with so much definition.

The general view of the menu also invites customers to try something new and satisfy their curiosity and thirst at the same time, preparing coffee in all its varieties, offering the possibility to assign to each bean suggestive aromas, whether in a classic expresso of special organic coffee, cold or hot, an organic chocolate or a milkshake flavored with organic milk.

From a technical point of view, the coffee machine represents a safe and profitable service since it offers superior performance, being able to offer different types of coffee by the presence of three grinders and a milk frother.

Our Self Service Coffee Shop

KauéOrganic® can guarantee a 24 hour maintenance and technical service throughout the year, since it has a team of trained and accredited professionals.

Facilities for installation at airports

  • No need for a water point
  • Our machine has its own compartment
  • It only requires an electrical point for its operation
  • It takes up little space 3 28 ft by 2 30 ft or 5 90 ft by 2 30 ft
  • Easy cleaning machine with self cleaning function
  • Biodegradable cups

Tothe described advantages, we must add the range of possibilities of additional modules of comfortable adaptation, such as the refrigeration unit, the flavor station and collection
system, hot and iced tea and chocolate, among others It is adaptable to different payment methods, national and international cards or from smartphone applications such as Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp, PayPal, among others, with direct reports online to the airport administration.


Exactta currently operates at the following airports:

Since 1999 @ Barajas International Airport – Madrid – Spain with 8 points of sale.

Since 2002 @ Galeao – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil with 4 points of sale.

Since 2003 @ Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino – Italy International Airport with 7 points of sale.

Since 2018 @ Miami – Florida – USA International Airport with 4 points of sale.

Since 2018 @ Milan – Malpensa Airport – Italy with 1 point of sale.

Since 2018 @ Marco Polo International Airport – Venezia – Italy with 1 point of sale.

Experience and qualifications in more than 20 airports in the world for 30 years


Ministro Pistarini International Airport Buenos Aires (1987 to 2000)


Guarulhos International Airport
Sao Paulo (1992 to 2001 and from 2008 to 2014)


El Dorado Airport
Bogotá (1991 to 2006)

Maria Cordova International Airport
Medellin (1996 to 2013)

Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
Barranquilla (1996 to 2013)

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
Cali (1996 to 2013)


Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport
Santiago (2011 to 2012)

Dominican Republic

Las Américas International Airport
Santo Domingo (1997 to 2005)


Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris (2008 to 2010)


Hannover International Airport
Langenhagen (2003 to 2005)


Cristoforo Colombo International Airport
Genova (2003 to 2011)

Enrico Forlanini International Airport
Linate (2006 to 2009)

Malpensa International Airport
Milan (2006 to 2009)

Florence Amerigo Vespucci
Firenze Airport (2007 to 2008)

Marco Polo International Airport
Venice (Since 2018)

Puerto Rico

Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport
Carolina (1995 to 2005)


Jorge Chavez International Airport
Lima (1994 to 2001)

United States

Logan International Airport
Boston (1996 to 1998)

Pittsburgh International Airport
Pittsburg (1996 to 2000)

Orlando International Airport
Orlando (1997 to 2002)

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco (2007 to 2009)

Dallas International Airport
Fort Worth (2018 to 2019)

Florida International Airport
Miami (2014 to 2017)

Living Room

Now, if the Airport had the space, it would be ideal to be able to consume it under a quiet, comfortable and cozy atmosphere: Fresh coffee, a nice ambience, comfortable chairs for waiting and enjoying your drink. The experience of the special organic coffee in the ideal space, with beautifully designed biodegradable cups of organic coffee, will help maintaining the essence of coffee, the aroma and comfort of a good coffee shop.

The stands are developed under a stylized structure, circular shapes, with graphics of coffee plants, which in sight already invites to taste, during the waiting time, the best organic coffee in Brazil.

The living-areas are under a half arch, which represent the mountains of Minas Gerais, and are decorated with the same coffee plants, wood, and brown colors, while the base of the floor simulating a coffee bean and the chairs are very comfort in order to enjoy that “coffee of passage”, for travelers who will remain at the airport until boarding.