Why can you call this coffee yours? We give you four reasons for being part of this club:


Like you, it’s special. Coffee originated in the highest and most beautiful mountains of Minas Gerais, the best coffee region of Brazil. The fruit grains are selected by hand and have a quality certified by Qgraders over 80 points.


It’s healthy, organic and internationally certified.

Socially responsible

It is socially responsible. We only work with partnerships that enhance rural workers. By choosing KauéOrganic you will contribute directly to improve the dignity of the rural workers of Brazil, they are the soul of your coffee.

You choose

In this club you are the one who chooses the coffee, the variety, the roasting, you can customize the packaging with your name and your photo and you can also plant your own coffee in one of our Organic Coffee Farms in Brazil, having the opportunity to visit it whenever you want.
But if you don’t want to choose and you want to be surprised, let us decide for you and we will send you a special and organic different coffee every month. This is your coffee!

Receive every month at your home a special, organic, healthy coffee, chosen for you or let yourself be surprised by our specialists.

You decide!