Who are we?

KauéOrganic®,  is a company that specializes in the production and commercialization of organic coffee. Our environmentalist approach and conservationist school of thought emphasizes the protection and sustainability of the region’s natural resources by providing environmental education and a reawakening of ecological awareness.

We base our offer in four main principles

  • Healthy drink
  • Safe and Organic Certified
  • Incentives for the producer and local rural workers, improving their living and working conditions
  • And finally customize the product according to your demands, from roasting to packaging, so you can call this, your coffee

It is through this unique approach that KauéOrganic® assumed the responsibility of producing and selling the highest quality of coffee attained in the South of Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Our focus lies in the responsible usage of the region’s natural resources and fostering harmonious relationships with the locals. Through an in-depth understanding and respect for the culture and conservation of the Minas Gerais region, we can continue to impact future generations, ultimately improving the quality of life in the area.

man holding coffee


KauéOrganic® offers a bean of extraordinary quality which has been rigorously selected and contains a soft and fruity dimension of flavors. Working always with local Organics Certified Producers our coffee has been cultivated  on lands between the 2800 to 6500 feet height, blessed with nutrient rich soil, ideal pH levels, opportune rain cycles and a tropical climate that hangs over the region, providing the primest temperatures year round, recognized as the first in South America coffee production since the XVIII Century, producing the best quality and the most awarded coffee in the world.

Our Philosophy

We work with local rural producers, economically encouraging small and medium producers to value rural workers in Brazil. With that in mind, it was that  KauéOrganic® started this process of direct sales, with the conviction that by dignifying the producer and the rural worker, economically incentivizing their production, we would not only improve economic conditions, but we would further improve the quality of the final product, and their relationship with society and thus avoid the great migration that occurs today from the countryside for large cities and even for countries abroad, producing migratory blows with terrible consequences for immigrants and populations of cities and countries receivers.

Ecological and
Social Awareness

KauéOrganic® recognizes the importance of preserving the environment for future generations to come. It is for this reason that we are committed to providing environmental education in an attempt to awaken the ecological awareness in those same hands that reside in and cultivate the land. By adopting a shift in attitude that takes action and responsibility for the sustainable use of the region’s natural resources, we hope to foster a harmonious relationship between the environment and its residents.


Organic Coffee

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