With the freshness of the start of the day, we give life to this space inspired by the succulent black elixir that in almost all languages we refer to as: coffee.

At KauéOrganic we understand that you, like us, maintain an affinity for one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, and we would like to take you along on our journey. Every month we’ll discuss, in detail, the products that we offer, along with hosting interviews with celebrity baristas and chefs alike. We will provide special presentations by exporters, merchants, producers, and of course the rural workers that make all of this possible. In the same breath, we will obtain useful advice, tips, recipes, curiosities, and anecdotes in which you will find a little piece of yourself in each protagonist. KauéOrganic provides two virtual spaces of refuge:

The first, a blog where we have the opportunity to give free rein to the imagination; where we are able to interact with a larger community about our love for a delicious cup of coffee. The second, an exclusive club in which members will enjoy an array of benefits they will soon be able to find out more about.

But who is our host?

As previously mentioned, KauéOrganic is a company which specializes in the marketing and production of organic coffee, special coffee, and special organic coffee. The idea was born and bases itself around an environmentalist and conservationist approach to the production and consumption of organic products. The protection of natural resources is just as important to us as progress itself, and we understand that as a company we must promote environmental education by awakening ecological awareness through our own attitudes and values towards the environment.

This is how KauéOrganic has assumed the commitment and responsibility of producing the best organic coffee in all of Brazil. We are able to utilize the resources provided to us by the environment in a way that is safe and sustainable. We have worked hard to build relationships with the inhabitants of the region and continue to put forth effort in order to ultimately improve the quality of life for future generations to come.

So, Welcome!

And without further ado. Do you have a particular topic or area of interest that you are curious to know more about? Leave your request below and we will try to accommodate everyone.

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